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Therapeutic Writing . . . In Just 10 Minutes!

People have been writing things down for centuries—and for many reasons. Therapeutic writing will help you solve problems all on your own, and it doesn’t cost anything!

I’ve been teaching lots of clients the benefits of therapeutic writing (the first is that you get tons of benefit in just 10 minutes). You already have a solution to any number of your problems. Learn how to access it with a pen.

I finally decided to standardize all the approaches I’ve developed into what I now call Expansion Writing™. And I put it all together in an email course.

Expansion Writing™ — a 7-day Writing Challenge

And you can get the whole course delivered right to your inbox for FREE just by filling out this form:


I’m giving away this whole course for FREE for the first 60 days. Get it now and tell me how it’s worked for you in the comments below!

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About the Author

Kevin is the director of The Center for Counseling, Recovery, & Growth in Torrance, California where he serves as therapist, receptionist, interior decorator, graphic designer, HR manager, light bulb changer, poet laureate, company spokesman, and CFO.

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