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I went for a walk at the beach. I do this often, but it was Thanksgiving Day—that’s partly what made this walk meaningful. What really made it special was that I didn’t just walk, and I didn’t just listen to podcasts (like I usually do). This time, I recorded a podcast.

I’ve had my podcast for about six years or so, and I was real consistent at the beginning releasing a show about every week. Then it became more irregular. A couple stretches in there spanned a year or more where I didn’t post any new episodes.

You may be wondering what my podcast is about.

That’s not what’s important right now, but since I brought it up, the show is to support people in their recovery from addiction. Any addiction. Or not and addiction. The show includes support for just about anyone who needs support. But back to my point.

About three or four times a week lately, I’ve driven down to the beach first thing in the morning and walked along the strand and around the pier while I listen to podcasts. I get exercise (I climb and descend the ramps and staircases), I hear the soothing movement of the waves, I see pelicans and dolphins, and I am greeted by friendly morning walkers.

I hear the soothing movement of the waves, I see pelicans and dolphins . . .

On this Thursday, I slept in a little longer than normal, and then I slipped my recording device into my pocket before heading down to my peaceful beach. I hit Record as I headed down the ramp and just began talking to the many people around the world who listen to the support I offer. I talked about my own support, my self-support. I shared a tool that helps me renew myself, and that felt like renewal—helping others feels so good.

Working with people in recovery is very satisfying to me. I like to interface with people who are real and authentic. I find those who are serious and ready to do something about their addictive behavior are very genuine. I wanted to be genuine in this episode. I talked about not releasing shows on a regular basis. I asked my listeners if that made a difference to them and whether the show had value for them enough to want more frequent episodes.

I’m not sure yet.

Time will tell.

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Kevin is the director of The Center for Counseling, Recovery, & Growth in Torrance, California where he serves as therapist, receptionist, interior decorator, graphic designer, HR manager, light bulb changer, poet laureate, company spokesman, and CFO.

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