• A Year to Live

    Part One I won’t ask what you’d do differently if you had a year to live. We’ve heard that question so much we no longer give it thought. I won’t even ask how much you’d pay to live another year. People get terminal news every day, and there’s often a price tag involved for a special operation or a new expensive drug. No, I’m going […]

  • One Simple Step to Improve Your Marriage

    What’s the difference between a marriage and relationship? The way I’m using the two words may be different than the way you look at it. As a therapist, I often have couples come in to fix something that’s not working. They complain about what the other does or doesn’t do or one doesn’t like how the other acts or talks. I wonder, and sometimes directly […]

  • You feed you

    How much do you like a pat on the back, an “‘atta boy!” or just some simple recognition? Most of us need that kind of affirmation from time to time. Some people crave it and push themselves to achieve the recognition that comes with high accomplishment. Others can’t say no because they want too much to please others and be liked. For these folks, they […]

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