Where to see or hear Kevin

Workshops, speaking engagements, radio interviews . . . here's where you can find Kevin in the next few weeks.

Interviewed by Stacy Curtis on the Write of Your Life podcast. Insight into the secrets to achieving.

October 24 - Emergency Preparedness Fair

I had a booth in Torrance’s Emergency Preparedness Fair called “Emotional Preparedness.” It was all about how to practice self-care so that we’re prepared for any crisis that arises (earthquakes, floods, fender-benders, or a toothache).

July 6 - TALKING THERAPY Podcast interview

R.J. Thomas & John Webber interview Kevin Bergen about his book, The Bergen Protocol on the TALKING THERAPY PODCAST in Hermosa Beach, California.

June 25 - Podcast Interview: ESCAPE VELOCITY with Ty Harmon

Ty Harmon interviews Kevin about how someone can escape from sex addiction on the popular podcast,