• Therapeutic Writing . . . In Just 10 Minutes!

    People have been writing things down for centuries—and for many reasons. Therapeutic writing will help you solve problems all on your own, and it doesn’t cost anything! I’ve been teaching lots of clients the benefits of therapeutic writing (the first is that you get tons of benefit in just 10 minutes). You already have a solution to any number of your problems. Learn how to access […]

  • Show at the Beach

    I went for a walk at the beach. I do this often, but it was Thanksgiving Day—that’s partly what made this walk meaningful. What really made it special was that I didn’t just walk, and I didn’t just listen to podcasts (like I usually do). This time, I recorded a podcast. I’ve had my podcast for about six years or so, and I was real […]

  • When You’re Just . . . Stale

    I had a client in my office recently (let’s call him Jared) who didn’t seem sad or depressed. He wasn’t even down. After some pleasantries and him not saying much of substance, this just fell out of my mouth before I had a chance to weigh or filter it. “You seem . . . stale.” He looked up at me trying to figure out what […]

  • 5 Suggested Ways to Journal

    Some call it journaling. Others just write. Whether it’s addressed “dear diary” or it’s free-association, people have been writing stuff down for centuries. Some write to have a record of their life and things around them. Others write to make money. Through the ages, the consistent writers wrote because they were driven; they were simply moved to write and really couldn’t help it. This is […]

  • How YOU Can Help Someone With Sex Addiction

    It seems that everyone today is affected by a brother-in-law, a neighbor, a spouse, a favorite celebrity . . . or their very own problematic sexual behavior. I’d like to help you understand more clearly, not only the problem itself, but the people who are involved. Many of those people have profound impact on us. As a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex addiction (not sex […]

  • How To Choose a Therapist

    How do you know who to see? The majority of people who call to set an appointment with a psychotherapist have no idea who they’re calling.  Sure, they’ve looked at a profile on an online therapy directory, and some have read a bio on the therapist’s website, but most have no idea what they’re doing when choosing a therapist.  Here’s some of my ideas about […]

  • I’m Not Psychic

    Nowhere in my education and training as a psychotherapist was I bestowed with the magic ability to see inside people’s thoughts or discern their core motivations.   ‘Well duh!’ you may be thinking.  But I’m still surprised at how much this notion persists—not so much among my clients, but among acquaintances I make who only half-jokingly show hesitation about engaging me in friendly conversation lest […]

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